Abroad But Where?


Best Places to Live Abroad

How many of you have dreamed of leaving everything behind and going on the great adventure of living abroad, if only for a few months?

Then again, adventures are fun but unless you are the Indiana Jones type, ready to pack a single bag, throw a dart of a world map pinned to the wall and go, you might want to give your destination country some more thought.

While I believe every place is worth visiting and any international experience better to have than none, it will all be a lot more enjoyable and meaningful if you find the place that is right for you.

To help you get started, here is the HSBC ranking of the best places for expatriates.

1. Switzerland:

“Three words- Alps, skiing, and food! Try them all!”


2. Singapour:

“Get ready for a life changing experience – for the best. Be open minded and if you aren’t going to give it a shot, then why move abroad?”


3. China:

“Learn the language, do something that scares you every day, you’d be surprised at what you’ll learn…”


4. Germany:

“Enjoy and appreciate the differences!”


5. Barhain:

“For expats, Bahrain is a great place to start a career!”


6. New-Zealand:

“I love this country. I recommend anyone to explore and travel.”


7. Thailand:

“Visit local markets, shops, restaurants, pubs. Visit everywhere in the country, North, South, the coast, the mountains. Everywhere.”


8. Taiwan: 

“Taiwan is a wonderful island, full of interesting places to go to”


9. India: 

“Be prepared for cultural differences, but try to embrace the culture, and not fight it.”


10. Hong Kong:

“Live your life as you if will be here long term, don’t put things off because you think you’ll be gone in a year or two – many stay here longer than they initially expected.”

Hong Kong

See the entire HSBC Ranking: https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/

Are you a student thinking out going abroad? See here which country is ranked best for studying abroad.


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