20 Reasons You Should Drop Everything And Visit New Caledonia (and not just because that’s where I’m from! )

1. First of all, that water.


2. You can sail along that pristine water in a yacht.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 2

3. You can snorkel, surf, and kite surf.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 3

4. Spend time with the locals.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 4

5. Go for long walks on white sand…

Nouvelle-Calédonie 5

6. …or maybe just do absolutely nothing.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 6

7. The Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 7

8. There’s a place called “Joking Cliffs”.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 8

9. There’s an island covered in pine trees.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 9

10. You can see some incredible sights from a helicopter.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 10

11. And landscapes that will take your breath away.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 11

12. You can hike and explore the bush.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 12

13. Breathe that sweet tropical air.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 13

14. And indulge in French wine and escargot on a tropical beach…

Nouvelle-Calédonie 14

15. …as the sun sets and looks like this:

Nouvelle-Calédonie 15

16. This is a place where giant green rocks float on pristine, glass water.

Nouvelle-Calédonie 16

17. It’s just…

Nouvelle-Calédonie 17

18. …SO…

Nouvelle-Calédonie 18


Nouvelle-Calédonie 19

20. Do you really need a 20th reason??.


Part of this post was initially published by New Caledonia Tourism on BuzzFeed. See it here


  1. Summery · December 4, 2014

    So beautiful!!! And so cruel that I am ogling these pictures under the grey gloom of Paris.


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