The 5 Wonders of Wisconsin

If you’re travelling this holiday season, why not try a amazing yet surprisingly tourist free state of Wisconsin?



Check out these 5 wonders the Badger State has to offer.

1. Door County.

Door County -

Door County –

The “thumb” on the State of Wisconsin has more than 300 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and five state parks. For those who enjoy the outdoors, quaint small towns and history, Door County is a sparkling jewel. You can stay in a small bed and breakfast or a luxury resort. Tour lighthouses, cherry orchards and unique communities. Even in winter, Door County attracts tens of thousands of visitors for snowmobiling, ice fishing, charity events, live music, winter festivals and much more.



2. Madison



The capital of the state has something for everyone. Fine dining and culture mingle in its austere downtown area with the fun and fancy of a good party on State Street. The outlying areas feature sculpted parks, zoos, playgrounds and other attractions. The Olbrich Botanical Gardens are world-renowned, the University of Wisconsin – Madison boasts powerful sports teams and a premier medical research and provision program and the Dane County Farmer’s Market offers the best produce and garden plants in the state. There is always something to do in Madtown no matter your age or interests.

3. Ice Caves

Ice Caves.

The sea caves of spring and summer became fantastic ice caves in the winter. During the warmer months, the sea caves can only be explored by kayak on calm days but by February, an ice bridge make it possible to walk out and examine the magnificent formations that change day to day and from chamber to chamber.



4. Wisconsin Dells

Wisonsin Dells.


Wisconsin Dells is considered “The Waterpark Capital of the World” and for good reason. With dozens of indoor and outdoor waterparks, theme parks, museums, attractions, stores and restaurants, it is like a giant carnival that never sleeps. It features the world’s longest water roller coaster, the world’s largest bowl ride and the only water slide in the country that loops with speeds up to 40 mph.



5. House on the Rocks

House on the Rocks by  John Kroll

The House on the Rock is in Spring Green and is an architectural marvel. As the pet project of Alex Jordan, he began construction of the house in the 1940s of chimney of rock. He filled it with eclectic, unlikely and quirky artful collections, selecting just those pieces that he felt a strong affinity for, with no rhyme or reason.  The most impressive room is the Infinity Room, jutting out 200 feet over and into the valley below.  It has 3,264 windows and from November to early January, more than 6000 Santa Clauses grace the premises.


And let’s not forget about the Green Bay Packers…




Post by Nathalie Baudet


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