Five New Orleans Must-Sees

The City of New Orleans is a sight to behold. The rich culture, long history and stunning night life attracts visitors from all over the world.
Only spending the week-end? Here are the 5 things you can’t miss.

New Orleans.


1) The Garden District

Garden District.

A tour of the Garden District showcases architecture of every era of the city from the 1500s through modern times. Several stories recounting accomplishments of the times are shared. For instance, the top floor of this house was the only story of a one-story house. The owners wanted to make their home as opulent as their neighbors so they raised the home and added on underneath it. This was in the late 1800s, without today’s machinery and conveniences.

2) Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street.

Part of the French Quarter, Bourbon Street is well-deserving of its party reputation. During the day, it is relatively quiet but comes alive at night with streets blocked off and open containers permitted. With a live band in every other bar, flanked by five star restaurants of authentic flair, and street performers attracting crowds, Bourbon Street is loud, bright and purely unrivaled fun.

French Quarter.

3) The French Quarter

The rest of the 78-square block area of the French Quarter is filled with unique features and haunts. City law states the French Quarter must be historically accurate. If the building was built in 1765, then only colors used in 1765 can be used in re-painting as well as duplicating materials and designs of the time period.

4) The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk began life as a port to unload ships. As shipping containers were used more and more, the city tore the wharfs down and developed it as an upscale mall for tourists, with scenic walkways and a park atmosphere. After damage from a freightliner crash in 1996 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, it has slowly built itself back up and in 2014, the mall rechristened itself The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, the first downtown outlet center in the United States.

5) Jackson Square


Jackson Square is a historic park near downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960. In 2012 the American Planning Association designated Jackson Square as a one of America’s Great Public Spaces. It features a statue of the hero of the Battle of New Orleans and future president Andrew Jackson, as well as the St. Louis Cathedral, the old city hall and a museum.

And don’t forget the crawfish…

Post by Nathalie Baudet



  1. roamingpursuits · December 13, 2014

    Beautiful photos that capture the character of the city!


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