InterNations – Connecting Global Minds

Living abroad or interested in building an international network? You’ve got to learn about InterNations, the community of expats worldwide.


If you have ever lived abroad, you surely know that most expats have the same concerns in regards to intercultural competence, relocation, cross-cultural communication and just everyday life in general. But finding other expats could be difficult, not to mention finding others with enough experience to help explain the ropes in their new home.

In 2007, three young German businessmen (Christian Leifeld, Malte Zeeck, and Phillip von Plato), dealing with these issues, recognized the need for a network that would allow them to discuss their ideas and concerns with other expats. InterNations was born.

Slowly, the network grew, to more than one million members worldwide in more than three hundred and ninety communities.

Its goal remains to provide opportunities for both locals and expatriates to connect, make friends, and expand their network globally.

Internations events are varied including formal business networking, movie nights, singles party and cultural events.

Internations 2

With the motto of “Connecting Global Minds”, InterNations delivers on every front, making it easier to expatriates to live and work abroad.


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