Shark Bay: Australia’s best kept secret!


At the most westerly point of Australia, hidden about 850 km north of Perth, is the not-so-well-named Shark Bay, home to a very interesting colony of bottlenose dolphins.

Each morning for more than 40 years those wild dolphins have swum to the shallows of Monkey Mia beach to offer visitors one of the world’s great wildlife experiences.

Shark Bay dolphins. Picture from The Australian -

Shark Bay dolphins. Picture from The Australian

It all started in the 1960’s when local fisherman began sharing some of their catch with a small group of dolphins residing in the bay. Over the year, the dolphins’ trust grew and so did their population.

In 1984, the Shark Bay Dolphin Project – an extensive long-term study of the population – was started and in 1991, the bay was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Shark Bay feeding. Picture from

Shark Bay feeding. Picture from ‘Shark Bay Visit’

As if hand-feeding wild dolphins was not enough, the bay offers several other experiences that are sure to make your stay at memorable.

The area is also home to the world’s most diverse and abundant examples of living marine stromatolites – those ‘living fossils’ who helped scientists unravel the history of life on Earth.

Even though the region’s stromatolists are only about 3000 years old, they are similar to the ones found on earth 3.5 billion years ago.

Stromatolites - Picture from

Stromatolites – Picture from

Adventure and sport lovers will also enjoy countless other activities such as water sports, fishing and boating, bushwalking and so much more.

Bush walking - Picture from

Bush walking – Picture from

With so much to offer, Shark Bay is a can’t miss travel destination for family and solo travelers alike!

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